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Senate for intro of quality recognizing National Asbestos Awareness Week The Asbestos Disease Awareness Corporation , combining education, community and advocacy seeing that the largest U.S. Corporation serving as the voice of asbestos victims, today applauds Senator Max Baucus and cosponsors for introducing a resolution that declares the first week of April as National Asbestos Consciousness Week and seeks to raise public awareness about the prevalence of asbestos-related diseases and the dangers of asbestos exposure. Extra cosponsors and key supporters consist of: Senator Barbara Boxer , Senator Richard Durbin , Senator Dianne Feinstein , Senator Johnny Isakson , Senator Patrick Leahy , Senator Patty Murray , Senator Harry Reid , and Senator Jon Tester .I train beneath the target heart rate guidelines that she has set for me. During the period of the last seven months, my target heart rate been elevated, and my workout strength levels have increased. Exercise helps my heart and helps my stress levels. My diet restrictions were red meats and fried foods, but I have chosen to remove refined foods and consume as much dietary fiber in the real way of grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables that I can. My mom will be proud of this! I have traded sugary snack foods for protein that keeps my bloodstream sugars in balance. I eat several smaller meals throughout my day to fill up me and maintain my energy levels up.