About 4 million additional health workers needed worldwide to combat HIV/AIDS.

About 4 million additional health workers needed worldwide to combat HIV/AIDS, WHO says A lot more than four million additional wellness workers will end up being needed in 60 countries to battle HIV/AIDS, tuesday at the XVI International AIDS Meeting in Toronto according to a strategy the World Health Business released, the Wall Street Journal reports. The program, titled Treat, Retain and Train, was made by WHO in collaboration with the International Labor Corporation and the International Organization for Migration. The need for healthcare workers is most significant in sub-Saharan Africa and Asian countries – – such as Bangladesh, Indonesia and India – – according to WHO. WHO also demands training health care workers specifically in HIV/AIDS, retasking health workers’ responsibilities to permit nonmedical staff to provide HIV/Helps treatment and counseling, increasing benefits and salaries, and preventing burnout.The ongoing health of our people depends upon the accessibility of secure, high quality, effective and affordable drugs. Pharmaceutical manufacturing companies need to use innovative and advanced technology, cutting edge scientific and production knowledge, and the very best methods of quality management to successfully face up to the challenges of latest discoveries such as difficult medication delivery systems and nanotechnology and methods of doing business such as special therapies or genetically modified treatment. Paracetamol manufactures are employing the advanced pharma technology and cutting edge pharma processes to produces impressive, available and inexpensive paracetamol drugs in different forms e easily.g syrup, powder, tablet, capsule etc.