According to healthcare market research publisher Kalorama Info.

That is among the many areas where the agent-improved CT scan can be playing a supporting role in diagnosis, said Bruce Carlson, publisher of Kalorama Information. Doctors are increasingly comfortable with computed tomography when a diagnosis isn’t clear from various other modalities. Trauma, pediatric wellness, vascular imaging and cardiac imaging are among the certain areas where CT scans are employed, and other areas are being investigated. Kalorama estimates that over 54.5 million imaging procedures were performed in the U.S. In 2009 2009, most requiring some type of contrast agent. GE Healthcare, Covidien, Bayer, and Guerbet are among the huge manufacturers of contrast brokers utilized for computed tomography. Kalorama Information’s Medical Imaging Markets: Contrast Brokers analyzes the world market for contrast press used in combination with medical imaging diagnostic systems and for radiopharmaceuticals used in molecular imaging.CtDNA may present an attractive alternative for a non-invasive test to supply tumour genotyping in patients unable to supply evaluable tumour samples at biopsy or rebiopsy following first line EGFR-TKI failing. AstraZeneca has initiated both Phase II and Phase III studies in individuals with EGFRm T790M+ advanced NSCLC who acquired disease progression pursuing treatment with an EGFR TKI . In addition, a Phase III study analyzing AZD9291 in first series EGFRm advanced NSCLC is definitely scheduled to start out later this year. AstraZeneca is also currently investigating the mix of AZD9291 with MEDI4736 , selumetinib and AZD6094 in NSCLC. Antoine Yver, Head of Oncology, Global Medications Development, AstraZeneca, stated: The AZD9291 data at the ESMO 2014 Congress reinforce the clinical activity results presented at ASCO because of this investigative therapy and continue to demonstrate how diagnostic-led remedies could improve patient care.