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For women aged 40-49, the National Cancer Institute notes there exists a high incidence of missed tumors, and that 40 percent of tests turn out as false-negatives. Estrogen distorts breast x-rays Estrogen replacement therapy obscures mammogram outcomes. According to a report of 8,800 postmenopausal ladies aged 50 and older, the use of ERT qualified prospects to a 71 percent improved chance of receiving a false positive from a mammogram. It was also found that females on ERT were more likely to get more false-negative readings. Mammography may miss tumors measuring significantly less than 2 cm in size also; however, a tumor could be experienced manually once it reaches 1 cm in diameter through correct self-examination. For this reason, many medical experts believe that self-examination may be the most reliable, safest, and least expensive method of detecting early stages of breast cancer.The remaining $3.7 million was received in July 2011, totaling to $22.8 million of net proceeds at the closing time of the transaction. The Company believes the capital produced from these financings offer sufficient resources to fund operations into 2013. If the ongoing company obtains U.S. Drug and Food Administration approval for APF530, it plans to get strategic collaborative plans to commercialize APF530 or obtain additional financing and resources to start APF530 with out a partner. Multiple elements, including market conditions, may prevent the Business from obtaining financing or a collaborative arrangement that is adequate to invest in operations or on terms favorable to A.P.