Without the tactile or visual input.

Researchers at The Neuro posed the query ‘can form be represented by audio artificially?’ The fact that a property of audio such as for example frequency may be used to convey shape information shows that provided that the spatial relation is coded in a systematic way, shape could be preserved and made available – even if the medium via which space is usually coded is not spatial in its physical character, says Jung-Kyong Kim, PhD college student in Dr. Robert Zatorre’s laboratory at The Neuro and business lead investigator in the analysis.With all 201 legislative chairs in play, the candidates and independent groups that support and oppose them are spending huge amount of money to try to sway voters. Being among the most competitive contests is the one occurring in Eagan, where Republican state Rep. Doug Wardlow is normally taking fire from unions, and Democratic-leaning organizations who support his opponent, Democrat Laurie Halverson. Wardlow said his solid principles include opposition to tax hikes and a state-based medical health insurance exchange.