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After that, TSA claimed that Red Team tests were taking place from coast to coast on a weekly basis and they were designed to ‘drive the boundaries of our people, procedures, and technology.’ Uh-huh. Real airport security experts say the act placed on by the TSA is merely that – an take action – and that few serious security threats posed by dedicated experts and terrorists would ever end up being detected by checkpoint brokers. ‘Checking luggage is very good, it looks great, taking away the breast milk of the mother of a a month aged baby, that looks great,’ Rafi Sela, the president of A.R. Challenges, a transport consulting firm located in Israel, in December 2013 told The Huffington Post.The common age of breast cancer diagnosis in African American ladies is 46, compared with 57 for European Us citizens. Over 70 percent of the Nigerian cases were aged below 50, compared to less than 20 percent of cases in the united kingdom. Further study published in 2005 recommended that those who underwent medical procedures for the disease prior to the menopause were much more likely to relapse. This could describe the disparity in mortality. He also noted that African patients offered the disease in their early 40s, although nobody has however identified why black women get the disease earlier.