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Alkaline water has proven to be successful in the treatment of diabetes in lots of eastern nations. In Japan, physicals shall require patients drink about 9 to 10 glasses of alkaline ionized water per day. The heavy oxygen ions in the water combat free radicals in the physical bodies. Once free radicals are eradicated or beat back, the body begins to react to the living alkaline drinking water. The alkaline water in essence decreases how big is molecules in your body while increasing hydration. The water also supports bloodstream circulation.AMT, Amgen amend GDNF gene license agreement Amsterdam Molecular Therapeutics Holding N.V. , a leader in the development of gene-based therapies, today announced that it has amended and restated its licensing agreement with Amgen for gene therapy applications incorporating the GDNF gene, to which Amgen holds rights. Financial terms were not disclosed. The GDNF gene provides the information to make a protein essential for the advancement and survival of nerve cells. The positive effect of GDNF on nerve cells has already been demonstrated in early study. Studies with a GDNF gene therapy, AMT-090, in a Parkinson’s disease model are becoming executed by AMT in collaboration with the University of Lund, Sweden. AMT also plans to mix the GDNF gene with its proprietary adeno-linked virus technology to develop gene therapies for a range of CNS applications, such as Huntington’s disease and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis , with an try to protect and improve the function of the affected nerve cells.