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Next, a conclusion of any potential dangers and side effects shall be reviewed. Finally, Dr.cory might chooses to test a small patch of pores and skin to determine when there is any negative reaction. If no blisters, rash or pigmentations occur, then he will devise the best AFT treatment plan. In the video below Dr.Torgerson discusses the best treatments and procedures: AFT Treatment Work Dr. Torgerson performs his AFT laser treatment by 1st applying a topical anaesthetic to the treatment area.After seven days, the Tablet should work by itself to prevent pregnancy. But continuing to use condoms shall drive back STDs.BackContinueHow Well Does the Pill Work? Over the course of a full year, about 8 out of 100 typical couples who depend on the Pill to avoid pregnancy could have an accidental pregnancy. The Tablet is an efficient form of contraceptive, but missing 1 day increases the potential for pregnancy even. Generally, how well each type of birth control method works depends on many things. Included in these are whether a woman has any health conditions or is taking any medications or herbs that might interfere with its use.