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Alair Bronchial Thermoplasty Program receives FDA acceptance to treat asthma in adults FDA Approves New Gadget for Adults with Severe and Persistent Asthma The U.S Is acyclovir prescription only? . Food and Drug Administration today approved the first medical device that uses radiofrequency energy to take care of severe and persistent asthma using adults. The Alair Bronchial Thermoplasty System is intended for patients ages 18 and older whose severe and persistent asthma is not well-controlled with inhaled corticosteroids and long-acting beta agonist medications. The device is composed of a catheter with an electrode tip that delivers a kind of electromagnetic energy, known as radiofrequency energy, directly to the airways.

Airline Food Risk: Roaches, Rat Feces, Says FDA Airline meals are notoriously unappealing, but newly disclosed reports from the FDA suggest they could pose a serious health threat. Three caterers were named in the reviews: LSG Sky Chefs, Gourmet, and Flying Meals Group. Collectively, these caterers prepare more than 100 million meals every year, including those offered by Delta, American, United, U.S. Airways and Continental. These conditions give a welcome mat for the germs that trigger food poisoning, said Roy Costa a former Florida state food inspector who examined the reports for USA Today.